When you go to church you probably hear people talking about different devotionals. If you go to a Christian bookstore, you probably see a whole section of devotionals. So what are they and why is there so much focus in church about them?

Defining a Devotional

When you look up the term “devotional,” you get definitions like “a short religious service” or a “devotional exercise relating to worship.” It doesn’t really explain what a devotional is or why we do them.

What most people talk about when they talk about devotionals is a book that helps you grow in your relationship with God. It is usually broken down into daily chapters that you can read and pray about.

The key to understanding the devotional is to actually break down the work. “Devotion” is a big clue to a devotional’s use. You show your devotion to God by reading the passage and praying on it every day. So the collection of readings is then known as a devotional.

Below are a few devotionals. We have provide a few resources to cater to each gender and age range. We trust that you are blessed and encouraged and continue to grow in grace and faith of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ

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