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NEW COVENANT CHURCH INTERNATIONAL…NCCI is an Evangelical Christian Church…Spirit-filled, Worshipping, Dynamic, Loving, Multi-cultural and Missions-minded.  The Bible speaks of the Christian Church as the Body of Christ.  This refers to the believers and followers of Christ all over the world.  We, as Christians are all a part of One Body of Christ… And God’s plan for each believer’s growth and nurture is to be a part of a local Church which functions as an example of the larger whole Body of Christ. NCCI is one such local Body.  Founder is Bishop Joseph Quainoo, a caring and sincere servant-leader who loves the Word of God and teaches the Word consistently without compromise. His Sermons are designed to be understood by everyone. Using proverbs, illustrations and humor from his West African cultural background, Bishop Quainoo speaks firmly but lovingly about the restorative, redemptive and purpose-filled life in Christ.

We are a Church that cares and NCCI is a Church home where you can experience Christ’s love and grow in the knowledge of His Word and in obedience to His Word.  We are a family and we function in harmony and agreement.  We pray for one another.  We love one another. When one NCCI member rejoices over special promotion, excitement in his/her life, we rejoice with him/her.  If one experiences difficulty, sadness, pain, we weep with him/her.  We do not put down or look down on one another.  We build each other up and desire the best for one another.  We challenge one another to grow in Christ by encouraging our brother/sister to grow in the Word, to witness and live for Christ. We celebrate one another’s gifts and talents and encourage the expression of these gifts as worship to Christ and ministry to His people.  You are encouraged to find your place in the Body and serve the Lord with excellence and gladness.

New Covenant Church International is now New Covenant Ministries International
PO Box 23223
Providence RI 02904
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